At GAEA, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated coffee company with a deep-rooted specialization in sourcing the finest green coffee beans from Vietnam. Our extensive network encompasses farmers, suppliers, and processing companies spanning the entire country. Our supplier and quality control management system is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a streamlined process. We constantly strive to expand our horizons by identifying and engaging with smaller communities and directly collaborating with local farmers, in addition to our collaboration with existing suppliers. Embracing fair trade and organic principles, we are committed to enhancing our sourcing practices.


In addition to our core production capabilities, we offer comprehensive roasting services tailored to specific products, including ground coffee and instant options.


Our proficient sourcing team excels not only in fulfilling our regular internal requirements but also in catering to specific external demands. This supplementary service complements our core offerings. You have the option to explore our existing best-selling and primary export product catalog. If you have specific requests such as premium-grade or Vietnamese Arabica beans, our team is readily available to assist.


While our central focus remains on agricultural products, notably green coffee beans, cacao, rice, and an array of spices, fruits, and marine foods, our expertise extends far beyond. Drawing upon our extensive local insights and experience within Vietnam, we are well-equipped to diversify our sourcing capabilities across various sectors. Our global reach spans continents, underscoring our unwavering commitment to facilitating international trade.

For tailor-made sourcing solutions, we invite you to connect with our specialized sourcing department.

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FAEMA E71E 3-group White & Gold

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FAEMA E71E 3-group White & Gold


What is behind the Faema E71E?
The desire to enhance the work of the barista and showcase our commitment to quality coffee. For this reason the E71E was designed, to satisfy the needs of a varied clientele from coffee specialists to the major chains, to amaze consumers with a unique sensory experience and simplify the work of the barista.

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The FAEMA E71E features a hydraulic circuit with a GTi system that guarantees perfect control of infusion times. With the GTi system, recipes can be made with different pre-infusion, saturation and extraction times. This way the ultimate taste can be extracted from the bean. The brewing heads have own boilers, allowing for the different groups to operate at different temperatures.


Filter holders

The filter holders are designed to maximize the ergonomics of the machine, with the Faema branded cup and handle, and to guarantee high-level performance also at times of heavy use. In fact, the anatomical handle set at a 10° angle ensures their safe and easy attachment to the coffee groups.
But that’s not all: to guarantee the stability of the filter holder in the tamping phase and facilitate the actions of the barista, we made the bottom of the cup flat and easy to clean. The results? Fewer coffee and grease residues and improved levels of hygiene.  The modular spouts ensure perfect division of the coffee into two cups and a beverage with a perfect color and perfect crema texture?


Steam wands

The Faema E71E has long, articulated cold touch steam wands that have been designed to improve the machine’s ergonomics and simplify the barista’s work. The cold touch wands do not get hot due to the double layer which makes both the ergonomics and the cleaning easier. The long steam wands allow for maximum flexibility, especially when using large milk jugs. The steam lever with manual and modular management features a purge system and gradual opening, offering baristas two locking steps: 50% and 100%.


Autosteam and purge

Rush hour. Imagine having a machine that automatically froths milk while you make your customer’s coffee. This is possible thanks to Autosteam – which can be optionally installed on the machine. Thanks to its Cold Touch cover, it is safe to use. This option can be programmed through the services display, which offers a choice of four recipes with 3 milk frothing levels or only
warm milk. The “Purge” function, indicated by a blue icon that turns on after using Autosteam, instantly and effectively cleans the automatic wand.


Adjustable Pressure Setting:

The FAEMA E71E has the option to quickly adjust the pump pressure with an external adjustment knob on the side of the machine for quick and independent manual calibration by the barista. It can be customized according to the type of coffee used. This makes the E71E particularly suitable for specialty coffee shops where different types of beans with different recipes are used.


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Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 80 × 62 × 48 cm
Machine type

Semi automatic