Gaea, the ancient Greek goddess of the earth. She was one of the primordial elemental deities born at the dawn of creation. GAEA was the great mother of all creation. GAEA the Mother of Everything Beautiful in the world. We love what we do and do love what we make, we encourage local production, local community and a fair price for value products. From beautiful fruits from the earth until man-made craftsmanship, art and design. No wonder we named our endeavour GAEA after all. With this passion we put great effort in our relations and maintaining our partnerships and make sure our services are best in class and aiming to rise it on beyond.


About us

We are GAEA GLOBAL, your sourcing and business partner. We are able to provide you access and services for export, import and doing business in Vietnam.

We have established a vast sourcing and production network across Vietnam and identified a wide range of investment opportunities.

Our head office is located in Saigon, the South of Vietnam. Feel free to search on our website and connect with us for further information or give us a visit.